Enterprise Stories

Recent Watertown Daily Times investigative stories selected by Bob Gorman, managing editor.

  1. The rise and fall of Deal Maker

    By Brian Kelly; 30-May-10

  2. 60% of Doug Hoffman’s donors made small donations

    By Jude Seymour; 2-Feb-10

  3. Amish families exempt from insurance mandate

    By Marc Heller; 9-Jan-10

  4. China, U.S. flap may halt milk flow

    By Marc Heller; 9-May-10

  5. Funds forever lost, officials fear

    By Steve Virkler; 5-Sep-10

  6. North wind farm market dries up

    By Nancy Madsen; 7-May-10

  7. Wind development in the county runs into roadblocks

    By Brian Kelly; 14-Aug-10


Enterprise reporting describes published news reports that are not based on press releases or news conferences. Enterprise reporting is all about stories a reporter or an editor dig up on his or her own, often what some people might call "scoops." Enterprise reporting may also focus on events, but it usually goes beyond merely covering these events when reporters explore the forces shaping the events.

Through enterprise reporting a news organization demonstrates its understanding of the key issues and interests of its community and it demonstrates the extent of the skill of its staff to report on these matters.