Duffy Hayes

Web Editor

Duffy Hayes has been a journalist and editor for more than 15 years. After seven years in the telecommunications trade press, he joined the staff of the Summit Daily News in the Colorado high country as a copy editor and, later, beat reporter. After a stint as news editor, Hayes joined the City Desk at the Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction, Colo., where he now acts as the paper’s web editor.

[CO 0301] - Part 1: Intro and Skills (4:43)

Duffy Hayes, web editor, The Daily Sentinel, who started his job in 2009, says his background as a reporter and editor has been helpful. “You have to be curious and you have to be on top of the new technologies” to also function as web editor, says Hayes. Hayes “drives” the site. “I come in the morning and freshen the site,” says Hayes. “I’m the link to the website, making sure [the reporters] are posting their stories.”

[CO 0302] - Part 2: Shaping the Web Product (6:43)

Duffy Hayes, web editor, The Daily Sentinel, says the newspaper is very sensitive to the needs of its print readership as well as its digital audience. “We have to protect that [more mature, print] audience,” says Hayes. But he also asks himself: “What would a younger person think of this story?” Overall, “The print product is paying the bills right now, but we have our eyes on the future,” says Hayes. “Looking ahead, [we need to] make sure we utilize the technology as best we can.”

[CO 0303] - Part 3: Adaptation & Preparation (1:55)

Duffy Hayes, web editor, The Daily Sentinel, says he expects print to be around for the foreseeable future. “We can see that [digital delivery] is where the industry is going, but I don’t see us getting there in 5-10 years,” says Hayes. As for preparation for employment, Hayes says, “If you can demonstrate you’re looking ahead, you’re going to be more attractive as a candidate.”