Seth Tupper


Seth Tupper was named editor of The Daily Republic in 2010. Before joining the newspaper in 2003, he worked nearly two years as the sports editor at the Worthington (Minn.) Daily Globe.

Tupper earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a political science minor from South Dakota State University. While at SDSU, he was editor of SDSU’s student newspaper, The Collegian.

[SD-E 0201] - Epiphany XCVIX: Editor: Seth Tupper; The Daily Republic, Mitchell, S.D. (3:22)

Seth Tupper had an “a ha” moment when he dug into a story at city hall and discovered someone had bollixed inserting a sidewalk ordinance city officials thought was on the books. His digging paid off, and he wonders: “If we were not here, who’s going to do this kind of reporting?”