Dennis Fujimoto

Photographer / Reporter / Columnist

Dennis Fujimoto has been in the news gathering business from an early age. He started collecting informative tidbits in elementary school where English replaced pidgin. In the 5th grade, he covered Pop Warner games for the newspaper. In high school, he honed his photographic skills and selected journalism because it complimented his interest in photography. His first job out of college was with the TV Guide, which allowed him to travel extensively. He’s been the primary photographer at The Garden Island for over 20 years.

[HI 0501] - Part 1: Introduction and Responsibilities (5:07)

Dennis Fujimoto, photographer/reporter/columnist, The Garden Island, has been at the newspaper for more than 20 years. Fujimoto got hooked on journalism when he was in the fifth grade after he was paid $5.00 to cover Pop Warner league sports. As a columnist, writing “The Happy Camper,” he provides The Garden Island some “light-hearted news.” He covers serious news as well, and he says, “I pride myself in being able to say I can do both.”

[HI 0502] - Part 2: Skills & Adaptation (2:27)

Dennis Fujimoto, photographer/reporter/columnist, The Garden Island, says you need “a bit of computer literacy” to be a newspaper journalist today. As for the digitization of his craft – photography – he sees that as a positive development. “We are able to do a lot more in a lot less time,” says Fujimoto.