Elizabeth Hladky Schott

Directory of Community Relations

Elizabeth Hladky is Director, Community Relations where her duties are to foster proactive, constructive, trust-based relationships within the company and between the company, company’s shareholders and the community at large. She is a member of the editorial board and Board Secretary for The Gazette Company. She is a fifth generation member of one of the company’s original founding families.

Hladky began at The Gazette in 1997 as a proofreader after earning a sociology degree from the University of Iowa. She progressed to ad design supervisor, commercial print customer service manager, home delivery manager and online community manager before becoming community relations director.

[IA 0401] - The Story of The Gazette (4:51)

Elizabeth Hladky Schott, director, community relations; secretary, Board of Directors; Source Media, The Gazette Company, is the daughter of Joe Hladky, Board Chair of The Gazette Company. Liz Hladky says the newspaper was founded in 1883. Shortly thereafter, two of her ancestors, Clarence Miller and Fred Faulks, purchased the newspaper. The Gazette was an early adapter to erect a newspaper paywall on its website, but it subsequently removed it. The Gazette Company also started KCRG-TV, an ABC affiliate in Cedar Rapids, which it still operates.