Scott Rosenburgh

VP Digital Media

Scott Rosenburgh began his newspaper career in 1990, selling classified display advertising to auto dealers and realtors at the then Gannett-owned Observer-Dispatch in Utica, NY. He has held sales and management positions within the advertising and interactive media divisions in Utica, NY, at the News-Press in Fort Myers, FL, the Coloradoan in Fort Collins, CO, the Northwest Herald in Crystal Lake, IL, the Courier & Press in Evansville, IN and is now the VP of Digital for Shaw Suburban Media. He believes that good journalism and a strong product mix are the foundation for building a great audience, which in turn allows the ad teams to take their products to market successfully. Rosenburgh resides in Crystal Lake, IL with his wife and daughter.

[IL 0301] - Part 1: Intro & Contribution (4:19)

Scott Rosenburgh, V.P., digital media, Northwest Herald, explains that the Herald is focused on making sure all the community’s important news is reported in his company’s daily newspaper.

[IL 0302] - Part 2: Skills & Preparation (2:42)

Scott Rosenburgh, V.P., digital media, Northwest Herald, says an ability to grow may be the most important characteristic of any newspaper employee in the next five years.

[IL 0303] - Part 3: Strategic Management & Content (6:38)

Scott Rosenburgh, V.P., digital media, Northwest Herald, says the methods newspaper organizations use to deliver the news in future years will be determined by the audience, but he expects printed newspapers will be a key part of the delivery package for the foreseeable future.