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WNN - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Interviews

Andrew Seibenick

Advertising Manager, BozemanDailyChronicle.com

Andrew Seibenick has been with the Bozeman Daily Chronicle since 2008. Prior to joining the Chronicle, he served as the Business Development Manager for PrintingForLess.com and Media Director for US Senator Conrad Burns.

Seibenick earned his Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University. He is currently a member of Leadership Bozeman and on the Board of Directors of Eagle Mount Bozeman.

[MT 0304] - Part 1: Intro and Skills (1:58)

Andrew Seibenick, advertising mgr., The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, started at the newspaper in 2008. Seibenick sees his job largely as coaching the advertising sales staff to sell digital advertising in addition to print sales. As for advertisers, he helps them to “leverage technology to better execute on strategy,” says Seibenick.

[MT 0305] - Part 2: Digital Advertising (9:37)

Andrew Seibenick, advertising mgr., The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, is stressing display advertising sales on The Chronicle’s website. “I like to stick to the core because we are really good at display advertising – that’s our core competence,” says Seibenick. He acts as a consultant when he accompanies the newspaper’s ad sales reps selling web advertising.

[MT 0306] - Part 3: Digital Revenues (8:20)

Andrew Seibenick, advertising mgr., The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, says he thinks a subscription model for extended access to a complete Chronicle website might be a viable prospect. “People will pay for content that they can’t get anywhere else that is important and relevant to them,” says Seibenick. But a limited paywall is just in the talking phase at The Chronicle. Now his emphasis is selling display ads at a rate of about $20 per thousand views.