David Raese


David Raese has been publisher of The Dominion Post since 1987. He is a lifetime resident of Morgantown, WV. Raese is part owner and president of the board of directors of the West Virginia Newspaper Publishing Co. and part owner of Greer Industries. He was the 2002 Campaign Chair of the United Way of Monongalia and Preston Counties and is an active member of the Rotary Club of Morgantown. Raese is married to Kathleen Raese and has four children: Rebecca, Ethan, Adam, and Isabel.

[WV 0101] - Part 1: Intro and Contribution (2:54)

David Raese, publisher, The Dominion Post, believes his newspaper keeps people informed about their community and gives the citizens of his community “a place to express themselves.”

[WV 0102] - Part 2: Strategic Changes (3:03)

David Raese, publisher, The Dominion Post, says his newspaper has had to “scale down” in recent years during the recession, and it has been very conservative about investing heavily in the latest digital news products.

[WV 0103] - Part 3: Adaptation and the Future (7:25)

David Raese, publisher, The Dominion Post, says his newspaper charges readers for its e-edition. The Post is also reluctant to venture farther into the field of free exchange with its readers on its website until it can afford to hire sufficient editorial staff to monitor those exchanges.