Ed Dulin

President and Publisher, Delaware State News

Dover, Del.

[DE-E 0101]

The Delaware State News, Dover, Del. (DE-E 0101)

This has been my one and only job. You know, not too many people can say that today.

But it’s been a constant learning experience for me, and every situation that I’ve been in with this company – whether it’s been in the circulation department, in the advertising department, and doing some side news reporting, and as the publisher of the newspaper – it’s a different situation every day. And I tell people – when I go to speak at groups – I can’t think of another business where you put out a brand-new product every single day – 365 days a year.

You put it on the street you sell it for $0.75 or Sunday for $1.50, and people look at it, and they’ll pick out a word and they’ll criticize that. Or they’ll pick out a headline and say, “Why couldn’t we have done better on that?” But that’s an indication they care about what we do and appreciate what we put into that product.

That’s what makes this an exciting business, and I think will continue to make it a exciting and gratifying business well beyond my lifetime and into the next generation.