Andrew West

Managing Editor, Delaware State News

Dover, Del.

[DE-E 0201]

I switched over to the news-side and was working in a small community down at the beach for The Daily Whale newspaper. And there were a couple of things there that I really felt needed to be reported on.

I mentioned earlier this incident where a student was really hurt in a school fight – to have parents come to you and say we need some answers – they’re not telling us what is happening inside the school. You know, when you get that sense that: “I’m representing the public and I want answers.” You know, there’s been many lessons like that over the years – that I can point to.

We had a mayor who wanted to fire his police chief in that same small community some years ago, and I remember him telling me that it wasn’t my business. I said personally it may not be my business, but I’m here representing the public. That’s what I want you to understand – I’m asking for everybody who lives in this community.

And to see people not give you answers to questions like that – the more it instills this in you that we’re here for a reason. We’re here to hold people accountable. And there was never really one thing in my career that did that. I think we just experience that – that daily.