Dennis Anderson

Managing Editor, Lawrence Journal-World

Lawrence, KS

[KS-E 0201]

There’s probably several stories I could tell. But there’s one that always [hits] home. It was early in my career. And a boy had drowned in a pool. And it was my job to tell that story. So I called up their home and I talked to the boy’s mother. You know I’ve called other people related to that. Sometimes people just hang up on you. In this case the mother talked, and talked, and talked.

I got a sense that with me – she didn’t know me – but she had a story to tell about her son – a young boy – and who that boy was, and I was that conduit. I was a person telling the community about this boy. And I was able to do that.

And [it was a] short story – important story – but one that I knew, after I hung up the phone, that I helped her. I helped her through something that was very difficult for her and her family. And we can do a lot of things like that. Help people. And that’s what I like about this job.

Not every day is it great. Not every day is it something you want to go home and tell your wife and family about – what kind of day you had. But there are days like that – where you can help people.