Christopher Mayer

Publisher, The Boston Globe

Boston, Mass.

[MA-E 0101]

I started here in [19]84, and I worked in the technology department back when it was called data processing. And I had been tapped to go and accompany a reporter to Washington. There was an opportunity to get access to summary information from the government that would allow the newspaper and the Spotlight team to do a story on money laundering.

And spending three weeks there, in DC, living out of a hotel room contributing to that made me realize that what we have for information and what we can do to keep people informed about what’s going on is something I could contribute to directly.

And it didn’t really occur to me exactly how coming to this institution with a degree in computer science was going to allow me to help do that, but at the end of the day it was meaningful.

And since then I have felt very strongly about the role that the Boston Globe plays and what every one of us as individuals can do to contribute.