William Parschalk

Online Web Editor, The Afro-American

Balimore, Md.

[MD-E 0301]

My “Ah-ha” moment of journalism – I guess – came when I – what got me into journalism when I was a lot younger back in high school. Because I did do a small, photocopy, little “zine” that I would go to Kinko’s and put out myself – what my friend and I would do, like, with these little cartoons.

And it was really just, like, a joke magazine, really. But – being young – we thought we really knew everything. And we would be talking about issues that were kind of over our heads and stuff.

We would make 25 to 50 copies of these issues – of this publication – and then we would pass it out to friends. And then friends would pass out to other friends, and, before we knew it, there’d be kids at schools we didn’t go to who had, like, copies of our little publication, which for me was just a little bit of an “Ah-ha” moment – just because of the realization just how information will spread.

When people find information that they find relevant to them that, you know, they’re, they’re eager to pass it on. And just journalism is – so much of it can just easily, subtly impact how we live our lives.