John B. Johnson

V.P. & G.M., Northern N.Y. Newspaper Corp.

John B. Johnson, VP and General Manager of Northern New York Newspaper Corporation, a division of Johnson Newspaper Corporation

Following graduation from Wesleyan in 1994, John moved to Chicago to work for Rand McNally and Company as a children’s book editor and as a marketing manager for Rand McNally’s TripMaker software. After four years at Rand McNally, John earned an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in 2002, after which he and his wife Kate moved to Minneapolis/St. Paul where John took a job with 3M. At 3M, he was the group business unit manager responsible for a portfolio of business teams within the Post-it brand.

John returned to Watertown in August of 2008 to join the Johnson Newspaper Corporation where he is the Vice President and General Manager of Northern New York Newspaper Corporation, the largest division in the Johnson Newspaper Corporation. In that role, he has operating and strategic responsibility for a portfolio of daily and weekly publications and their associated websites.

[NY-E 0101] - Epiphany VII: John B. Johnson, V.P. & G.M., Northern N.Y. Newspaper Corp., Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, N.Y. (2:39)

John B. Johnson tells how hearing a conversation at a local restaurant early one morning reaffirmed his understanding of the vital role the newspaper plays in his community.