Laurena Mayne Davis

Managing Editor

Managing Editor Laurena Mayne Davis started at the Sentinel in 1992 as a college intern, and was a copy editor, reporter and features editor before becoming managing editor in 2008. Previously she taught journalism at Northern Arizona University and Mesa State College.

Davis has been a fellow at American Press Institute and Poynter Institute and has written two books and edited two others, including the 2011 “Monumental Majesty: 100 Years of Colorado National Monument.”

[CO-E 0201] - Epiphany LXXXVI: Managing Editor: Laurena Mayne Davis, The Daily Sentinel (2:06)

Laurena Mayne Davis was an advisor for a college student newspaper when she saw her young editor pressured for investigating the University’s Board of Trustees. The editor kept fighting, got her story out, and Davis learned a lesson: “If you do things for the right reason and stick to your guns – the right information can come out.”