The Who Needs Newspapers reporters have conducted several "bonus" interviews with professionals in the newspaper industry who are not directly associated with the newspapers covered in this report.

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Literary Ashland with Sara Brown and Paul Steinle

Sara Brown and Paul Steinle were interviewed on KSKQ’s:“Literary Ashland” on November, 27, 2015, about their latest book: “Practicing Journalism: The Power and Purpose of the Fourth Estate.”

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“The Transformational Newspaper” – The status of newspapers in 2010-11.

A presentation from the Newspaper and Online News Division, and the Media Management and Economics Division, AEJMC, annual meeting, St. Louis, Mo.; August 13, 2011.

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Joel Kramer

Editor & CEO,

The story of a pioneer, on-line non-profit community news service.

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Tom Rosenstiel

Director, Project for Excellence in Journalism

Why citizens’ stake in the survival of newspapers is “significant.”.

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Ken Doctor

Author: “Newsonomics: Twelve New Trends That Will Shape the News You Get”

“Newsonomics” author describes hurdles for sustainable journalism.

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Rick Edmonds

Media Business Analyst & Leader of News Transformation, Poynter Institute

Newspaper Industry Perspectives 2011.

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Philip Meyer

Professor emeritas, University of North Carolina. Author: “The Vanishing Newspaper”

The Vanishing Newspaper.

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Randy Bennett

Sr. V.P. Business Development, Newspaper Association of America

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Al Cross

Director, Institute for Rural Journalism & Community Issues, Univ. of Kentucky

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Brian Steffens

Former Executive Director, National Newspaper Association