The Story of the Dayton Daily News

The founder of the Dayton Daily News was James M. Cox, a native Ohioan, born in 1870, who earned his journalism credentials at The Cincinnati Enquirer. In 1898, he purchased the Dayton Evening News, which he later renamed. By 1900, The News had become Dayton’s leading newspaper. Later, Cox was elected to Congress in 1908, was elected Ohio’s governor in 1912, 1914, and 1918, and lost a presidential bid in 1920. Afterward, Cox built a media empire, which he ran until he died in 1957. Dayton Daily News Editor, Kevin Riley, tells the story of the Dayton Daily News.

[OH 0401] - The Story the Dayton Daily News (2:19)

Kevin Riley, editor, Dayton Daily News, tells the story of the newspaper purchased by James M. Cox in 1898. In addition to building a modest news media empire, Cox later became a two-term governor of Ohio and was a candidate for president of the United States.